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There's no such thing as bad weather...only unsuitable clothing

This is a phrase attributed to Alfred Wainwright in his book Coast to Coast.

I had this in mind when I bought a waterproof jacket three years ago. Made by Paramo, who use the phrase "directional fabric" when describing their products. I chose the Halcon jacket after a lot of searching. It utilises the "Analogy" fabric made by Nikwax. This mimics the action of animal fur, protecting from rain and perspiration whilst maintaining insulation. Basically, liquid is moved away from the body, avoiding that clammy feeling you can experience when perspiration fails to 'wick' away from your body.

The fabric is soft and the colour makes me feel more blended with the countryside. The vented sleeves are a bonus and I keep it waterproof using recommended NIKWAX products in the washing machine. With a matching pair of waterproof trousers made from the same material I have to say that I have yet to encounter "bad weather".

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