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in the footsteps of the Saints


Few people fail to be affected by the atmosphere and presence of this walk.

Holy Island was one of the earliest places in England to adopt Christianity, but any visitor will sense the oneness with nature as we walk across the tidal estuary towards Lindisfarne Priory.

  • The route is subject to tidal restrictions and start times must be observed

  • Many walking the estuary do so barefoot. Others choose wellingtons or waterproof walking boots

  • Once on the island you will have time to explore before returning to the start by car

  • Duration of walk (start to finish back at your own vehicle) 4 hours

  • Length of walk - 4 miles (rated easy)

  • Cost Adult - £25 : Child £10

PP refuge


"squirrelled away" for us to enjoy

Legends abound here. Part of the route includes a short section of the St. Cuthbert's Way trail and we will detour to take a look at the sandstone cave which may have provided shelter to the saint, or his remains when they were transported from Lindisfarne by loyal monks escaping the Viking invaders. We could also encounter red squirrels when the route takes us through quiet woodland.

  • Duration of walk - 3 hours

  • Length of walk - 5.4 miles (easy)

  • Cost Adult - £25 : Child £10

St C Cave


- views to take your breath away

Cragside, near Rothbury, is cared for by the National Trust. Join me to explore the carriage drive created in the 19th century by Lord Armstrong. We will explore the wonderful, unchanged scenery enjoyed by Lord Armstrong and his friends.

  • Duration of walk - 3 hours

  • Length of walk - 5.9 miles (moderate)

  • Cost Adult - £25 : Child £10



-rocky shores, sandy coves, ever-shifting sand dunes

A circular walk taking in the history, wildlife and geology of Lindisfarne. Takes place when the tide cuts the island off from the mainland; a tranquil and atmospheric time.

  • Duration of walk - up to 5 hours

  • Length of walk - 5.5 miles (easy)

  • Cost: Adult - £25 : Child £10

PP refuge


 - a glimpse of pre-history

This open moorland walk has amazing views across to the Cheviot Hills and features an Iron Age hillfort, a Neolithic stone circle and Bronze Age rock carvings.  There is a climb near the start but the route is then easy going.

  • Duration of walk - 2.5-3 hours

  • Length of walk - 4 miles (moderate)

  • Cost Adult - £25 : Child £10


"The most dangerous and adventurous place in the country"?

Thankfully not anymore, but Norham Castle was one of the most attacked of the border castles. First built in 1121, it's now the starting point for a walk that follows the river Tweed for a section as well as some quiet woodland paths.

Duration of walk - 2 hours

Length of walk - 4 miles (easy)

Cost Adult - £23 : Child £10



near the hill of the goats....


This place has drawn people to it for thousands of years. Over 500 years before the Romans arrived in this country Iron Age communities built over 100 roundhouses, protected by a huge stone rampart wall at the top of Yeavering Bell hill. It is the largest hill fort in Northumberland. Around 600 AD an Anglo-Saxon king built a royal villa that looked out towards the fort. It was the site of great celebrations including the baptisms of early Christians. Great battles were fought nearby and invading armies from Scotland passed by centuries later.

We will walk to the summit of the hill and take in views that must have held special meaning to our ancestors from over 2,000 years ago. After descending we will walk across the site of the Ad Gefrin palace to complete our experience of this atmospheric, wild and beautiful place.

Start time: 1000

Duration: 2.5 hours

Length of walk: 3.5 miles (moderate)

Cost Adult - £23 : Child £10



An historic working estate set in beautiful countryside with a fascinating history that includes visits from kings, murders, mining and a family curse.


There is so much to see and do here. This walk will offer a great introduction to the estate, its way of life and a chance to enjoy some of the finest views in the land. I will lead your group on a route of six miles that will take around three hours. It is graded “easy to moderate” and is ideal for individuals, couples and families.

Length of walk 6 miles. Duration 3 hours

Cost - Adult £24 : Child £10


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