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Saints & Pilgrims

Standing barefoot on the sands at low tide, mid way between the Northumbrian mainland and the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, it is easily possible to imagine oneself being transported back to 7th century Britain when pagan kings vied with newly-baptised Christians for the control of this land.

Out here the sounds of vehicles driving across the causeway road disappear, to be rplaced by the mournful 'singing' of the Grey Seals as they settle themselves on the sandbars further out from land. Signs of 21st century life a few. It is possible to make out a few low-lying buildings on the isle but the overarching feeling is one of the enormous open sky and the expanse of sand across which pilgrims have made their way to pay respects to St Cuthbert and St Aidan.

Crossing the soft and sometimes boggy ground we are aware that in next to no time the sea will reclaim this ground and we need to seek the sanctuary of the island. at our midpoint the water at high tide would be well above our heads and we must respect nature and the landscape.

The wild beauty is evident and few fail to complete the journey without absorbing something of the spirit of place exuded from the sandy route. you may spot the footprints of those who passed by earlier in the day but the next time the path becomes clear all evidence of their, and our presence will be gone.

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