In the footsteps of the saints


Few people fail to be affected by the atmosphere and presence of this walk.

Holy Island was one of the earliest places in England to adopt Christianity, but any visitor will sense the oneness with nature as we walk across the tidal estuary towards Lindisfarne Priory.

  • The route is subject to tidal restrictions and start times must be observed

  • Many walking the estuary do so barefoot. Others choose wellingtons or waterproof walking boots

  • Once on the island you will have time to explore before meeting for the return journey by vehicle.

  • Duration of walk (start to finish back at your own vehicle) -  around 3-4 hours

  • Length of walk -  Fenwick start 6 miles. Beal start 4.5 miles. (easy)

  • Cost - Adult £17

                  Child  £7

Scheduled dates for 2022 

(if none of the scheduled dates suit, email me with your preferred dates and I will check my diary and respond).

Saturday 11 June (Beal start)

Sunday 19 June (Fenwick start)

Thursday 30 June (Beal start)

Thursday 7 July (Fenwick start)

Thursday 4 August (Fenwick start) *

Thursday 18 August (Beal start)

Thursday 15 Sept (Fenwick start) *

Saturday 1 October (Beal start)

* There will be a return by taxi on these dates, the cost of which will be shared by all participants. Details on request.

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