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I've worked as a manager in heritage tourism since 1990. Initially as part of a team with the National Trust and from1997-2020 as public access manager at an historic house estate in Lincolnshire, with responsibility for all aspects of the visitor operation. I worked with third parties in the visitor economy sector, forming a cluster marketing group of historic houses and associated attractions and accommodation providers that promoted the area.

Years of networking at a local and national level, coupled with spending time listening to visitors and working in every section of an attraction including the shop, ticket office and potwash, has equipped me with the knowledge to help others who are involved in the visitor economy. I can assist with most aspects of visitor attraction management including -

  • Designing a business plan for those starting out

  • Looking at ways to add value to existing operations

  • Staff training and guidance

  • Auditing existing operations as a 'mystery shopper'

  • Evaluating retail and catering operations

  • Considering online ticketing, web and social media presence as part of the visitor experience

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A true story

The value of repeat visitors

The attraction I managed for 23 years welcomed first time and repeat visitors. A few years ago I was checking visitor records and saw that one regular visitor had made more than 35 visits in one season - and there were still two weeks to go before we closed. I made a point of talking to them on their next visit. They told me they loved the open space, fresh air and the welcome they always received, regardless of the weather.

It turned out that they were just one example from dozens of people who made more than ten visits each season (an average of once every ten days). My subsequent survey revealed that, more often than not, it was the simple things that prompted them to keep returning.

  • Feeling welcome

  • Feeling safe

  • Having space - without any litter

  • A feeling of wellbeing as a result of visiting

  • Value for money (from food/drink/gifts)

  • A sense of ownership and belonging

As repeat visitors they often brought family & friends with them. They boosted sales of refreshments and items from the gift shop

Let me draw on the experience I have accumulated over time from events such as the above, to help you with your business.

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