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Mystery Shopper


My service has much to offer the owner/manager of a visitor attraction. Part of the support I’m offering those in the visitor economy involves providing a quality audit of a business.


I know from experience how easy it can be to develop tunnel vision whilst managing the day-to-day things, perhaps overlooking elements that could lead to a diminishing of the visitor experience.


I will provide an impartial review of your operation by following the path of a visitor from pre-visit enquiries to the journey home, giving you an audit report that can be used either as a snapshot record of performance on the day or to implement changes to enhance the visitor experience.


This is a service that has been used in the retail and accommodation service sectors for a long time and is gaining traction in the wider visitor economy.


How it works.

Once you have booked the service I will


  • Make pre-visit enquiries including website, social media and print material

  • Conduct a day visit as a private individual, looking at all aspects of the visitor experience

  • Offer the option to meet the owner/manager on the day of the visit to discuss my findings

  • Provide a written audit within three days of the visit

  • Arrange a subsequent follow up visit if required


Contact me now to find out more and to arrange the audit.

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