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Near the hill of the goats.

This is now a quiet part of England that belies its importance as a place of celebration, war, feasting and governance.

This place has drawn people to it for thousands of years. Over 500 years before the Romans arrived in this country Iron Age communities built over 100 roundhouses, protected by a huge stone rampart wall at the top of Yeavering Bell hill. It is the largest hill fort in Northumberland. Around 600 AD an Anglo-Saxon king built a royal villa that looked out towards the fort. It was the site of great celebrations including the baptisms of early Christians. Great battles were fought nearby and invading armies from Scotland passed by centuries later.

We will walk to the summit of the hill and take in views that must have held special meaning to our ancestors from over 2,000 years ago. After descending we will walk across the site of the Ad Gefrin palace to complete our experience of this atmospheric, wild and beautiful place.

Start time: 1000

Duration: 2.5 hours

Length of walk: 3.5 miles (moderate)

Cost: Adult - £23

Child - £10

Dates for 2024

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